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Wordless Wednesday…NOT what you want to see on vacation.

A new Wordless Wednesday has been posted over at www.reallyjennifer.com

We saw this on our Spring Break vacation a couple years ago…I was not happy, and wanted to leave the area as quickly as possible.  Turns out my son’s school had a field trip there the following year, and we actually hung out right by that sign all day… I kept my eyes open the whole time!

Check it out!



Wordless Wednesday. Is it Spring Yet?

Head on over to reallyjennifer.com and see the Spring Funny Bunny

The bunny in the picture lived his life thinking he was really a cat…

Happy Wednesday!


Wordless Wednesday…Time Flies

I have posted a new Wordless Wednesday on the new site here – http://reallyjennifer.com

I pray that your Wednesday is only wordless in awe of the miracles all around you!

Have a fabulous day!

jennifer 🙂



Wordless Wednesday…now & then.

Wordless Wednesday… For the Dogs

Lady and Sam love getting dressed up for the holidays… Really.