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They Call it Puppy Love

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morkie family treeI got myself something for Christmas this year… a puppy!  Yes, I know. Your first thought is, “are you crazy?” or maybe it was “better you than me”, or maybe you just laughed and shook your head.  I assume that, because that’s normally how I respond when someone tells me that they basically lost their little minds to the unending cuteness, whining, and the pitter-patter of four little paws.

If you are familiar with my blog, you might remember my posts about my crazy dog that had issues beyond what training, Prozac, and a dog whisper could fix.  I had to put him down about 6 months ago, because he was hurting himself uncontrollably.  It was extremely difficult, and I am still saddened by the loss.  I swore I was done with pets, and I was just going to keep our older dog comfortable till it cutest morkie puppy everwas her time, and then we would be a pet free home.  Now I have… READ MORE